UMF Manuka Honey Treatment for h.pylori


A cure can now be found for h.pylori by taking UMF Manuka Honey!

Painful and unpleasant h.pylori causes millions of people around the world to suffer with severe pains. Now, thanks to UMF Manuka Honey sufferers of this stomach and duodenal ulcer condition can relieve the symptoms, cure the problem and what’s more, prevent it ever coming back!

In most cases, the NHS will prescribe a course of antibiotics and specific drugs when patients go to them with h.pylori. However, side effects of the drugs can be nasty, and include headaches, yeast infections and diarrhoea. In many cases the condition comes back, as the ulcers are partly made up of bacteria, and after time the antibiotics don’t work. Antibiotic over use has been documented widely in the press just lately.

Some patients are treated with what’s known as a ‘triple therapy’ over a period of two weeks, taking a mix of two different types of antibiotics and either an acid reducing drug or a stomach protective drug. Believe it or not this can mean taking up to 20 tablets each day! The success rate of this treatment is about 80%, however, patients recovering from h.pylori still complain of feeling far from better. Plus, in some cases, the illness comes back, as bacteria based, and in a worst case scenario surgery is needed.
Well, we all know on this blog the wonders of Manuka Honey. And with any luck it might help sufferers of h.pylori knowing too!
So listen up if you suffer from h.pylori, UMF Manuka Honey is the natural cure!
Clinical research from the Waikato University in New Zealand proves UMF Manuka Honey actually kills off the helicobacter pylori bacteria found in the stomach and duodenal where the ulcers are found. Yes, UMF Manuka Honey can really do this!

Remember, Manuka Honey is the only known killer of the deadly MRSA virus.

Using UMF Manuka Honey to cure h.pylori is simple…

• Firstly, get yourself some UMF Manuka Honey UMF15+
• Eat one teaspoon of the UMF Manuka Honey on a small piece of bread, or toast, about an hour before each meal. And again at night, before bedtime.
• You need to eat the Manuka Honey on something so that it makes its way into the stomach as quickly as possible, without too much being absorbed into the blood stream if it were taken neat. It’s the same principal for anyone taking Manuka Honey for IBS.
• Once it’s in the stomach all the antibacterial and healing properties of the Manuka Honey can get to work straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What if I am already taking medication and antibiotics from my Doctor, can I still take UMF Manuka Honey?
A. Yes you can. It will simply work in conjunction with your medication. It won’t interfere with the medication at all. Equally, your medication won’t affect the Manuka Honey doing what its World famous for, curing the human body of a myriad of illnesses! What’s more, the Manuka Honey will improve your immune system and will regenerate the probiotics in your gut.

Q. I have Active Manuka Honey, can I take this?
A. Preferably not. You can still take Active Manuka Honey as it has some of the enzymes of the UMF Manuka, but they are not as strong (approximately half the strength) as the UMF Manuka. Active Manuka Honey is good for general health but it doesn’t achieve the best results that you get with UMF Manuka Honey. UMF Manuka Honey is normally used for all medical conditions.

Q. When can I see the results of taking Manuka Honey for h.pylori
A. Research on Manuka Honey shows that in just a few days pain is much improved, with symptoms of the ulcers disappearing in around 2 – 4 months, with the bacteria that causes the ulcer pain wiped out.

Q. Are there any side effects from Manuka Honey?
A. No. None at all. In fact most people feel better all over. That’s because Manuka Honey has healing and antibacterial properties that not only fight the bacteria that causes peptic ulcers but creates a general wellbeing in the body. In fact, millions of ‘healthy’ people take Manuka Honey everyday for general wellbeing, simply as a preventative measure. However, Diabetic Type 1 (needing insulin injections) just need to be careful with their glucose levels, Diabetics Type 2 are normally ok.

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  1. Finally! Someone who realises Manuka Honey’s potential. My mother-in-law had the h.pylori bacteria in her stomach for years and suffered really badly. She’d tried everything through the Docs to no success and then eventually a friend of mine recommended Manuka Honey as she’d had a similar problem. It took a little while to persuade her to try something natural…..but a few weeks later she was amazed at the improvement. A year on she got the Docs to test her again, and she’s completely clear of it! We both put it down to the Manuka Honey….and now she won’t be without her daily dose. Thanks for highlighting this to everyone. Keep up the good work. Yvonne

  2. Just having a search around for this topic as someone mentioned it to me and hey presto you are at the top for my search! It really is quite amazing what UMF Manuka Honey can do. Must invest in some… it’s been recommended to me!

  3. Suffering from H pylori

    Hi all especially those, who have been suffering from H pylori like me. I have been suffering from H pylori for over a year and I had many different types of antibiotics but didn’t work for me (but I think everyone is different, antibiotics might work for some people…). Well, I recently did some research through the internet and found some kind of honey, which is called Active Manuka honey (UMF rated), and just ordered it today. Before I order it, I also found some people’s reviews that says Manuka honey didn’t work for them and test result was same as first one. Then I noticed that all Manuka honeys are not the same. If there is a label called UMF on it, that means this manuka honey has strength to kill H pylori. Also, rate is starting from 10 and highest rate is 24 I guess. WELL, i personally ordered Active manuka honey UMF 20+ and hope it will work for me… I am not someone, who is trying to sell the product or something. I just wanted to give some advice for those, who have same problem as me, since I’ve some experience from antibiotics and also done some research through internet. And I promise you that I will come back here and will let you know the result after sometime 🙂 If I will be happy with the result then I will tell you guys that where I exactly bought that honey.

    1. anita amayer

      my poor daughter suffers horribly from H- Pylori and had two very serious bouts in 2012. I saw this little ad in a restaurant magazine and tore it out. have been researching, but am not absolutely sure the UMF rating I should oreder for her. Te 16 plus sounds good and yet several people have recommended the 20 plus. That sounds more like what is needed for skin issues. Would really like to hear from you about your experience with the type you’ve oredered. Hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Anita Mayer

    2. It’s been over 2 years now, did Manuka honey help you? You said you’d be back with if it did…

      1. try cranberry, I had suffered from H Pylori, combined with gastritis, my life was a miserable one, and nothing helps, but a combination of Manuka 550+, pomegranate and especially fresh cranberry, had improved my situation

  4. Hello all. I want people here to know that my 40y.o. husband suffered with GI pain for years. After finally obtained blood work he tested positive for H-Pylori. In addition to his GI pain, he can not tolerate antibiotics or any medications and suffers with Lupus. The common complaints he described was painful bloating and sharp knife like pain in his abdominal region, particularly in the lower left part of the abdomen. Some foods that would irritate him was garlic and onion. Given his medical condition, he asked for my help to look for a natural alternative. Manuka honey had alot of positive hits on the internet, so to make a long story short, I went to Whole Foods and bought the $30 jar (Active 12+ initially then 16+). He took a heaping tablespoon every morning, followed by his tea. He began to feel improvement with his symptoms within 3-4 weeks, June 2011. In November 2011, he was evaluated by a GI specialist who ordered many types of exams and to our surprise, he was H-Pylori free!! His blood work continues to detect H.P., but the doctor says after contracting HP, it will show in the blood forever. Its now 2013. He has not taken the honey in over a year and remains symptom free.

  5. How long does it take for you to feel better, when taking manuka honey, I have been taking it for 3 weeks and still n o better

  6. Is still OK to take the dosage even after you get better? Is not bad for sugar levels?

  7. I just want to say that Manuka honey worked wonders for me! I suffered serious heartburn, indigestion, stomach pains and reflux after eating anything. I thought it was strange to have these symptoms at only 19. I lost about 8lbs because I felt sick and full after one bite of food. I suffered this for about four months until I went to the doctors and he tested me for some stuff and the result came back that I had helicobacter pylori! He prescribed me antibiotics which didn’t work at all. I continued to research online for natural alternatives until the owner of my local health food shop told me about UMF manuka honey. In desperation I spent £30 on a small jar of 15 UMF manuka honey and began taking it four times a day for two months. Then I cut it down to one a day and now I only take it if I need it! I am so thankful to God for leading me to it because I was is despair! Please try it if you are suffering!


    V – xo

  8. Hi, could you please post a link to the study from waikato university that proves Manuka honey UMF15+ kills H. Pylori? I typed “manuka honey pylori” in the search field of their website. I found plenty of links for just “Manuka honey”, but nothing when I added pylori.


  9. juan carlos

    Best explanation i found related with how to relief from helicobacter using manuka honey! Thanks.

  10. samir suffering of h-pylori

    Hello all, I need your help please. I have been suffering from h-pylori for so many years. my doctor first prescribed two antibiotic with PPI for two weeks hen for two more weeks then three antibiotic with PPI for two weeks then four antibiotic with PPI for two weeks then for two more weeks. test results of urea test shown consistent higher increase in the number of h-pylori. i started to feel problem to breath, feel like mucus on throat or chest and won’t be cleared. i am currently taking nexuim 40mg twice daily with no improve at all. i lost my job bue to stomach issues. i started to feel depression then anxiety then too much worries about everything. then developed and became nervous for any little thing. all the above were caused by h-pylori. I need help. medical doctors failed to help me. have done endscopy twice and the result was chronic GERD. I can feel really bad untolarated pain in stomach then I had to drink water to calm it . I am asking ll of you who have had similar of my symptoms and success in treatment to share your experience and advise me and will trust in your advise. god will reward all of you help me with your knowledge.

  11. i am suffering from h pylori since two years….
    i took antibiotics twice for two weeks but still results are same.. and moreover i stated suffering more after taking antibiotics.
    now thers a bit improvement in my health..
    i searched some gas removing exercises on google… i do two exercises daily and it is really helpful. secondly i take probiotics. it is also helpful in reducing the pain. i have pain in my heart chest and stomach.. all three pains came down and my body is gaining energy. i also ordered matula tea.. i will start using it this month and will update the info about its effects… is m,y email address..anyone who eradicated h pylori completely plz send me a would be helpful

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