Manuka Honey lozenges help with childrens upset stomachs

I’ve recently brought some Manuka Honey lozenges because of all the bugs doing the rounds, I thought it was better to have a pack on standby for the first signs of any bugs in the office.  So imagine my surprise at how useful I found them when I took my 7 year old niece to the local zoo recently.  It was a very cold day, but packed with beautiful sunshine, and so after an hour we were both a little chilled and popped to the café for a much needed hot chocolate.

Unbeknown to me – although my sister swears she told me (I don’t remember) – my niece has just recently developed a severe intolerance to cow’s milk, which means she experiences stomach cramps if she has any cow’s milk.  So, a little while after our beloved hot chocolate she started complaining that her tummy hurt.  Being an hour away from home, there was nothing I could do but try and get home quickly.  Then I suddenly realised I had a Manuka Honey lozenge and I wondered if it would help.  My niece jumped at the chance to try a “Manuka” lozenge especially as I told her it was like a sweet.  Well, not only did she like it but within 5 minutes she told me her tummy was better.

So, intolerances really can be helped by Manuka lozenges!  I’m going to keep a handful in my handbag for the next time I have a tummy upset or, for when I forget about my niece’s intolerance in future.

If you too want to try the same Manuka Honey lozenges and see if they can help you, either for a sore throat or a food intolerance check out the range of Wedderspoon Manuka Honey lozenges that are available in three different flavours; Manuka with Ginger (my favourite), Manuka with Lemon (my niece’s favourite) and Manuka with Eucalyptus.  They’re only £7.49 per pack of 20 individually wrapped lozenges and are available from our friends at Manuka Honey Direct.  Alternatively you can call them on 01483 205431 as it’s just as easy (and the same price) to order over the phone.

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