Manuka Honey beats drug-resistant Superbugs

Manuka Honey beats drug-resistant Superbugs

At last, the national media are starting to take notice about how important Manuka Honey could be to our future welfare.  This week the Daily Mail published an article entitled “Could Manuka Honey beat drug-resistant superbugs?”.  For the full article click here.

According to the latest research from the University of Technology Sydney in Australia, the key ingredients in Manuka Honey inhibit bacterial growth and also prevent bacteria from developing any resistance to the Manuka Honey.  Professor Liz Harry of UTS said “Manuka Honey should be used as a first resort for wound treatment, rather than the last resort, as it so often is”.

And I’ve heard through a friend in the Midlands that the National Health Service have started to use Manuka Honey Dressings for treatment of ulcers and infected wounds too, although it only applies to some Primary Care Trusts, not across the board. 

The UTS research follows a previous study which found that the honey was effective against more than 80 types of bacteria including MRSA.  And as we all know, infections seem to be becoming more difficult to treat, because of their ability to mutate quickly as well as our reliance and over-use of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

All I can say is I’ll continue to use Manuka Honey rather than antibiotics and use antibiotics when I really need them!

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