Manuka dressings help open wounds & sores

In caring for my elderly grandmother in the last year of her life, she had several falls and her skin cracked open easily and became infected.  The district nurses tried unsuccessfully for months to clear the infection up, both with topical applications and antibiotics, but at the age of 96, your body just doesn’t heal as quickly as it used to.  The medical professionals were worried that it would spread to something more serious, so I decided to try a couple of Manuka based wound care products that I’d seen on the Manuka Honey Direct website and they worked a treat.

By the time I got involved the wound was the size of a £1 coin and the skin around the wound was red and hot although not inflamed. The wound itself had both clear and infected oozing, so we wanted to reduce the infection initially and then repair the skin to normal.  Initially, we cleaned the wound with warm salt water, and let the area dry naturally. Then we applied the Manuka Actibalm Sterilized Manuka Honey in a tube (take a butter knife and spread a thin layer of the honey over the affected area), and then covered it with a non-medicated dressing (like Melonin). We left the dressing for 24 hours and then washed and changed the dressing every 24 hours for a week.  After this time, we changed the dressing everyday.

The first couple of days were a little yucky because the Manuka was doing its thing to beat the infection, so it was a bit messy when cleaning and redressing but within a week we were making progress – something the nurses were unable to do after 3 months!

Two weeks later the district nurse came back to clean and dress the wound “officially” and she couldn’t believe the difference in the wound. It had reduced in size, not a huge amount, but the area wasn’t as hot, the leg wasn’t as red and there was no horrible discharge.  She was so impressed, she asked for the information on the Sterilized manuka honey we’d use and now she’s telling everyone about them!

Don’t get me wrong, after you have a deep seated infection for such a long time and your movement is restricted, it does take a lot longer to heal, however, with the help of Manuka Honey, I helped to clear up Grandmas wound in 6 weeks – something that had been baffling the medical professionals for 3 months!

If you’re thinking of using Manuka Honey for wound dressings, I’d suggest giving it a go. It made a huge difference to us. It’s probably worth checking with your nurse but when nothing else worked for us, it help my Grandma get rid of the infection, so I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Here’s a link to the product I used in case it can benefit you:

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