Buy 2 pots get 1 pot for free on BeeSweet Manuka Honey Active 24+


Don’t miss out on this…

You should check out this new deal our friends at Manuka Honey Direct have – they’ve now got BeeSweet Manuka Honey Active 24+ on a buy 2 get 1 free offer…and apparently it’s not limited to the amount of pots you can order.  All you need to do is add 2 pots to the shopping cart and you’ll automatically have the additional 1 pot put into your shopping cart.

And as long as you buy the honey in packs of 2, you’ll always get a free pot; so if you add 4 pots into your cart, you receive 6 (pay for 4 get 2 for free), add 8 pots and you receive 12 pots (pay for 8 pots get 4 for free).  I think with bargains like this, it’s worth buying in bulk because I tried it myself and you can buy 36 pots and get 18 pots for free!  It’s that good….of course you might need to club together with your friends and family to buy that amount 🙂

It may seem a bit expensive initially, but I had a quick look and when you work out the price per gram, they’re even better than the high street and the likes of Holland and Barrett on their buy 1 get 1 for a penny deal!!!

I’ve used BeeSweet Manuka Honey for years and absolutely love it…..I just can’t believe I’ve missed this deal – I’ve been going via Amazon, but its actually cheaper to buy at Manuka Honey Direct.

Here’s the link to order online.  Enjoy….I certainly will!

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