Phenomenal deal on Honey New Zealand UMF22+ Manuka Honey


Phenomenal deal on Honey New Zealand UMF22+ Manuka Honey, the strongest UMF Manuka Honey in the UK

I just cannot believe it….I know I’ve been out of touch for a bit, but seriously, with most Manuka Honey rocketing up in price year after year, I was surprised when I found this offer on Manuka Honey Direct for a UMF22+ for only £31.99 – it’s normally £68.99!

I called the girl in the office because I thought it was a typo online, but apparently it’s not. Manuka Honey Direct brought in bulk from the manufacturers and so they’re able to pass on the savings to us all.

For those of you who don’t know, UMF Manuka Honey is classified as the Medicinal Manuka Honey that has high levels of Non-peroxide enzymes, so it’s actually the best you can get!

Apparently this offer is for a limited time whilst stocks last, so I’m going to buy one to keep in the cupboard for winter as this batch has an expiry date in 2017, so it will last a few months.

If you’re as interested in this offer as I am, here’s the link to the Manuka Honey Direct website:

Hope you find this interesting….remember, Manuka Honey will last, and at these prices, it’s probably worth stocking up now before the winter, because I doubt they’ll have any more left by then!



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