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So here’s a little bit about the creators of this blog – in case you’re wondering.


We’re a couple of people who have been fortunate enough to discover Manuka Honey! How? Well, word of mouth mostly, then a bit of research, and then we started using it.

But in all this we found that some things weren’t explained as well as they should be to the humble ‘you and me’. So we thought, hang on; we can have a go at this ‘blog-lark’ and try and clear up a few things about Manuka Honey. Plus let everyone know if we’ve learnt anything new about the products it comes in and where’s good to buy it (we’re always looking out for a bargain!).

So whether we are taking it all year round and upping our intake during the winter (problem with our pesky children mixing with germ ridden kids at school! :)) or for a particular problem we have.

We believe in the healthy healing qualities of Manuka Honey and quite simply we want you to know all about it too!

Stay healthly!

Michelle: Healthy, happy, married 30-something Mother of Two.

Louise: Healthy, very happy, ‘works too hard’ married 30-something.


And now for the boring bit… our Disclaimer – just to cover our backs!

All content on this blog is for informational purposes only, with any author, contributor or owner not being liable for any inaccuracy. Any opinions or views in this blog are the personal view of the author, contributor and owner.

This blog is not responsible or liable for any comment or blog post reply. We reserve the right to monitor blog replies and remove anything we find offensive.

Sometimes we might let you know about a special offer or promotion we’ve noticed – all information given is at face value, and with good will and intentions. Please be aware such special offers and promotions are subject to change and cancellation at anytime. Any contributor to this site is not liable for any changes of any sort.

Occasionally we might post a news story and/or press release. In any such instance these represent the views and opinions of third parties and not those of the authors and contributors or owners of this blog.

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